6 Speed St4-917 Gearbox without central diff, Rallycross

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Specially designed for rallycross, the ST4-917, an alternative to traditional longitudinal gearboxes, opens new possibilities for Supercar design.
The ST4-917 adapts to the most powerful engines and offers a revolutionary cost/performance/weight ratio.

  • 6 speed sequential gearbox + 1 reverse gear
  • Manual sequential gear selection
  • Front to rear bevel gear ratio : 26x22
  • Final drive ratio : 25x39
  • Epicyclic geartrain ratio : 2,778
  • The bevel gear is cut and grinded in house on our CNC units
  • Wide range of ratios available
  • Straight cut gears
  • Dog ring gear engagement
  • Interchangeable gear ratios
  • High strength carburizing steel
  • Gear teeth grinded with optimized profile
  • Shot penning on internal parts
  • Specific input shaft
  • Low friction limited slip differential
  • Ramp and plate system - 3 discs type
  • External preload adjustment
  • Wide range of ramp plates available
  • Reverse lockout cable or option of solenoïd
  • Directed and pressurised lubrication on the gears and bevel gear
  • Oil suction screen
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Weight (input shaft included) : 59 kg - 130 lbs