6 Speed Gearbox SCL82-17, long version, with gear lever

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  • Art.no: SCL821702
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You can use this long version gearbox in cars like Toyota Corolla GT, Toytota Starlet, Ford Escort RS2000 and many others. RS2000 propshaft yoke fits directly into this gearbox. Propshaft fitting with output flange is also optional.

Ford type 9 bellhousing fits directly to SCL82-17 gearbox. We can offer many mounting plates options, for example Toytota Corolla GT.

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The best seller in SADEV's in-line gearbox range, the SCL82-17 offers an ultra-powerful, affordable solution for multiple uses. Its small size means it can fit into Caterham-type cars. Thanks to its rally, rallycross and track results, the SCL82-17 is universally recognised for its quality and robustness.

  • 6 speed sequential gearbox + 1 reverse gear
  • Manual sequential gear selection
  • Direct gear ratio : 19x20 or 19x22
  • Wide range of ratios available
  • Straight cut gears
  • Dog ring gear engagement
  • Interchangeable gear ratios
  • High strength carburizing steel
  • Gear teeth grinded with optimized profile
  • Shot penning on internal parts
  • Specific input shaft
  • Hydraulic clutch bearing (optional)
  • Reverse lockout cable
  • Contactless gear position sensor
  • Contactless flat shift sensor
  • Splash lubrication system
  • Fittings to connect external oil cooler
  • Oil suction screen
  • Magnetic drain plugs
  • Painted AS7G aluminum casings
  • Casing joint faces sealed with O'rings
  • 1315 U-joint or BMW Guibo flex disc flange
  • Weight (long tail version with gearlever) : 30 Kg - 66 lbs
  • Weight (short version) : 27 Kg - 59 lbs